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 Praise be to God in the highest, of whom all blessings flow! 

 I have some of my previous Radio Messages that I believe will encourage you in a powerful way! Enjoy listening and thank you for your financial support of this Ministry! May God bless you with a thousand fold return! 

A Strong Foundation

Prayer Is A Constant Blessing


Walk Away From Drama

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

When Others Cut you down.

Take One Day At A Time

Do You Have Unseen Dreams?

Sheep and Goats

God wants us burden free and happy as can be

It May Sound Good But Is It God?

Prayer Makes the Heart Feel Better

Do Something, Do It Now


His Way, His Will and His Word

God will not forget about you


Jesus, The Only True Shepherd

Apathy in the Church
April 24, 2016

Overcoming Yo-Yo Emotions

Choose Your Words Wisely

The Willful Act Of Obedience


Who Are You Walking With?

The Casting Of Stones ~ Book Title ~ A Stone's Throw Away, She Testifies
Excerpt from new Book in upcoming Series 2016 ~ I'm a featured Writer

Out Of Sight And Out Of Mind!

It's Harvest Time

Rejection ~ Excerpt from New Book coming in 2016

Throne Room Ministries
Swine in the Midst

Curtis Earthquake Kelley
Encounters with Heaven and Hell

God will not forsake you he has forgiven you

Throne Room Ministries
A Life of Servanthood, Living in Jesus Christ

Throne Room Ministries
Out of Sin & Into the Light of Jesus Christ

Chrisagis Brothers Interview

Throne Room Ministries
The Sweet Joys of Spirit Life

Christians Come Alive

Army Of The Lord
2/7/16 Radio

What we sow we reap, what we speak we eat!

Favor Of God

Show Jan 10,16
New year

Throne Room Ministries
Castles in the Sand

Get out of your comfort zone

Wake Up, Rise Up and Speak Up