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                            Prayers for you 

 Father, we look to you and your guiding light as we step out into this lonely world of darkness and the warfare fight.

We long to be held by you and blessed beyond measure for sure.

Many ache without any spiritual relief from your sustaining power but if they would only call upon you, you would be there for them even faster than their actual needful call for you.

 Oh, Father, show the world that there is no form of survival outside of the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ and your priceless Holy Spirit.

   We surrender to you today and we take your faithful hand as you take us into the journey of hope and your faithfulness builds us up and arms us for the onslaughts that insist on coming our way! Oh! Master we climb higher in you today with the celebration of praise on our lips and a new dance in our feet! We shout glory all the way with a heavenly peace within!!

Heavenly Father, as you look across the sands of time you know the time is fading fast and it is as a swift vanishing vapor sending alarms to every human in the earth that dwells in this temporal dusty shell. Lord, help us all to awake to the glorious Spirit filled life of our compassionate Savior today and take each precious moment to show love and compassion and kindness to those we encounter and be only real in reflecting the rich attributes of your Kingdom. Amen!

Heaven is sounding a world wide alarm and its force is shaking and quaking hearts to rise and finish their course! Amen!! 

Arise Mighty ARMY of the LORD and be the unified voice of the Most High God!

Heavenly Father, the battles that are waged against us daily are before your mighty delivering throne, the place where your amazing grace abounds and leaves our hearts in the liberty of your Son’s redemptive power. We will remain steadfast and unmovable in our temporal quest in the earth below every day because the shed BLOOD of Jesus Christ is our Victorious inheritance and our saving strength with every living heartbeat.

Mount up ARMY of the LORD, we have much work to get accomplished for the Kingdom of God and we all have a part in this end-time global harvesting of souls!

Heavenly Father, the end-time evil is invading the earth and blinding many with its seductive force leaving lives in shambles and dark confusion, but your mighty ARMY is arising with resurrection power in the undefeated Authority of JESUS CHRIST the light of Truth. We also refuse to bow the knee to the idols of Baal instead we will daily take up our cross and follow you through this cold world because we know that we abide in the true leadership from on high and no foe in any form can defeat a sold out Soldier in the majestic ARMY of the LORD. Amen!

My friends, let us rise and ride together as one Body of Christ and put all stinking devils to flight in Jesus name! Amen!

 Father, our frames are like the wondering dust of the earth and soon all will fade into the shadows of time like the blink of an eye leaving memories and unfinished works behind.

Your mercy holds us together by the power of your word and we long to be in right standing with you this day and always!

Hold us in the secret place with you so we will be prepared to live before you one day as a mighty oak tree eternally planted by the Lord.

We give you praise for all the word reminders of our frailty and keeping us clinging to the eternal Rock of Ages! In Jesus Name we pray! Amen.

Psalm 103:14For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust.

15As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth.

16For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more.

17But the mercy of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him, and his righteousness unto children's children.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the explosive excitement we house in our saved hearts in this glorious 2017..... O what a majestic awakening of strategic insights that the Holy Spirit is orchestrating with each unfolding second. The Army of The Lord is rising powerfully, take that devil! Amen! 



Prayer for Today:

Thank you Lord for taking your Children into your loving arms and holding them in the secret place of your glorious comfort and gracious love.

Holy fire burn so great, burn in our hearts at every turn.

O yes!! Holy fire burn and strengthen your people and touch all on this page today in the name of Jesus

Father, I ask that you take the peoples today and hold them in your holy arms of intimate love in your chamber of sweet solace and rapture their hearts into the flames of your intense compassion of holiness and all surpassing peace in Jesus name!!

We pray to the Lord of heaven and we trust him with all of our hearts today!!

We ask for souls to be harvested in great multitudes in this year of 2015.

I pray for household salvations for every home.

I ask that all backsliders would run back into your arms today and experience the renewed life of your delivering Kingdom!

I praise you for the encouragement flowing down from your Throne today and landing in aching hearts and paving a happier way!!

Master, We give you all the praise !!

We can only post inspirations from you because of your holy mercy that pours out fresh from your Throne!

It is always all about you and your everlasting Kingdom of Eternal Grace!! Amen!!

God bless you friends! Have a glorious day with the King of Glory!

Father, we arise in the light of your glory and we step out in the pure truth of your sword being ambassadors to all souls everywhere. We are mighty warriors with one unified commission taking the gospel to all nations in the fire of your love!

 Father, we abide in your ever glowing presence and we quickly embrace the explosive out pouring of your sweet holy spirit and we love being engulfed by your profound peace today.

Our empty vessels are being filled up now in Jesus name.

O the mighty river is flowing and it is swiftly flooding over hearts, and minds and body and spirit. Its depths are sending a mighty rush of new hope and deep refreshing! We long to stay under the flow today for there is constant life and joy in the intimacy holy spirit.

We love you King of Glory!

We are pressing on and on and on in Jesus holy name!!

Father, we come into your presence and stand as one body of believers believing for household salvation's

A worldwide move of your Holy Spirit to increase good jobs, finances to increase a release of anointing to the younger generation, greater depth of maturity!


greater release of the (Word of God with demonstration following) unity of love to explode within the body!

Thank you Master for hearing and answering prayer!

We love you King of Glory and we ask in faith in your matchless name!

Have a glorious day!!! Love and prayers!

Father, we come before your Holy Throne and we trust you alone to lead us and guide us in this life's journey!

Many are the enemies that surround us!

Some want to see our defeat for their plans for each of us is one of crushing defeat but you have not planned for any of us to be defeated in this world below!!

Father, your good plan is for us to always win against the powers of darkness!!

We have the power in the name of Jesus and his shed blood!

We have the victory everyday in a very personal way!!

Our life is hidden in you and all strongholds must be cast down because your truth has cursed all of Hell's opposing dark forces placing them under our saved feet!!!

Our life in you Lord is that of winning daily and demonstrating our victories of Christ to the World.

All hope is in you and all happiness is living in your uncompromising presence.

Father, you set our hearts aglow and you cause us to ride upon our high places untouched by sins defeat!

Our Holy Master paid a heavy debt for each of us and now we have all of heavens limitless benefits!!

We walk in victory and we celebrate in high praises knowing our Victory is manifested in the great intercessor " Jesus Christ our King "

Victory is here each day and each day our Lord shines it out among the Nations!!

Father, thank you for bringing souls humbly before your throne and saving them, and delivering them and setting them completely free!!

Father, it is your will for all to come unto a place of true repentance and salvation.

We praise you for drawing hearts unto yourself.

In Jesus' holy name we pray and we say, " yes and Amen!"