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My Newspaper Writings

 Coldwater, Mich. — Daily Reporter

Written by: Sherry Caudill

My friends, the rose in its entire splendor holds such beauty that our hearts melt as we gaze upon its perfect glory and its sweet roaming aroma. The morning dew loves to kiss this perfect flower!

The Father above in all his perfect love gave us one of his many gifts, which is the majestic rose. Its fragrance sends out a beckoning call to all who come near its planted and adored exquisite beauty! It catches the attention of hearts of all ages. When its pedals burst open we see Gods perfect creativity.

The rose is a flower with captivating power that constantly reminds us to take time and celebrate Gods fabulous creation and think upon Jesus His Sweet Son!

The rose is in a league of its own and makes a statement that fills the air and brings joy to the heart as we move along! What a sweet fragrance from heaven sent down to us, one of deep love and dunamis power!

What sweet aroma in the life of Christ, our Loving Lord, he desires to forever engulf the heart with his powerful presence! The Majestic King blooms new life within the searching heart through his illuminating word. Within each new bloom spirit life burst forth and marches out into the atmosphere declaring God’s matchless glory! Allow no other fragrance to pull you away from God! His eternal love is abundant life and it keeps one alive and happy each day! Read 2 Cor. 2:14-17

As I awake in the mornings I search for my lover, up and away I run! I run into His inner chamber dwelling in the place where His glory resides! Of course! The Throne Room presence of His eternal love has all that one will ever need! What else could there be for our searching hearts?

His holy presence has completely overtaken me and I am love sick for total spirit and truth!

Complete fulfillment exists in nothing here below. My heart is filled with joy as I see nothing before me but my amazing King. The Mighty King of Glory loves to take us away into the depths of his eternal love and the sweetness of his fellowship experience is unspeakable.

The love of Jesus is always in full bloom and he loves to consume us with it causing all else to be in the distant shadows.

Run to him today!

Coldwater, Mich.

— The Daily Reporter / By Sherry Caudill

My friends, a word fitly spoken are as apples of gold in pictures of silver. Read Prov. 25:11

I remember as a small child picking up apples that had fallen from the old apple tree in our neighbors field and the beauty that I searched for in each flawless apple as my eyes diligently viewed the would-be perfect ones! I was so excited to harvest my productive find!I would taste my glorious apple as soon as I could, into my mouth and over my taste buds the juicy apple would flow! Hum! Delicious to my heart and soul! What sweetness in my lovely apples! Oh, what treasured memories from years behind. Just think, it all started with a small seed. That is how powerful words can be because they have the power to grow into our lifestyles reaping glorious sweetness or ugly sourness. All words start out as a seed, having power to grow into something you have created them to be. Be on guard. Have a sweet tongue not a poisonous one. Read Pr. 18:21.

I love speaking a word in due season to someone. A timely word has great impact that brings enlightenment to searching hearts! When truth is released from the tongue of the wise it pierces the atmosphere with the approval of heaven and it will help bring new life to the hearers! A hungry heart always hungers for the righteous fruits of our Heavenly Fathers Kingdom.

My friends, words are powerful and should be spoken with wisdom and love! Proverbs 18:4 — The words of a man’s mouth are as deep waters, and the well spring of wisdom as a flowing brook. Words have overflowing power that mold and shape hearts for a lifetime. Parents, it is very important that you speak blessed words over your precious children that God has entrusted you with! Practice simple and basic biblical instructions daily. Speak words of life and good things over your children instead of curse words or those that are filled with condemnation. Children are a blessing from heaven. What a perfect picture you will find in the right words spoken every time!

Coldwater, Mich. — The Daily Reporter

By Sherry Caudill

Worry is Toxic

America has the unemployment reality on the rise and gas prices soaring at the pump!In the state of Michigan, many lives have been impacted by these increases. Some emotions are greatly affected because of the unwanted pressured circumstances that are out of one’s personal control. Their very livelihood has been shaken and the action of worry has invaded hearts and minds which will not make anything better. Worry is a toxin to the heart and it leaves one inflamed with too many imagination strongholds which adds stress without any relief.

My friend, give no place to burdensome worry opportunities because they will wear you out before you start your day and who wants to be exhausted day in and day out? God takes care of the little birds of the field and you are more valuable then them. See Matt 6: 25-34.

When you awaken each morning begin thanking God for your many blessings and believe him for good things coming your way. You must realize everyday that you have more reasons to praise God for then that of giving place to worry.

My friends, I refuse to worry because it produces doubt and a lack of trust in God, besides God only rewards faith. Many things are out of our control but God is always in control and he knows the beginning and the end.When our Son was little I used to tell him that “WORRY” was not allowed in our house! It wasn’t and still isn’t. I believe the Word of God has all the answers that we need in this life and if we take time to know him, apply his truth we will be settled in great stillness knowing that he will supply all of our needs according to his riches in glory. See Philippians 4:19.

It feels good knowing that we have a worry- free God sitting upon the Throne!

Resist the worry affliction today!

Coldwater, Mich. — The Daily Reporter

By Sherry Caudill

Know God "face to face"

Some people love to talk behind our backs, but God loves to talk to us “face to face”Remember the powerful story of Moses and the burning bush of how God talked to him “face to face.” The day Moses’ life was spared and floating down the river God knew that one day he would be a mighty righteous voice before the hard-hearted Pharaoh. See Det 34:10.

God loves to commune with us on a daily basis. He is a God of love and also one of correction, but he will not go behind our backs to do so. He also loves to encourage and build us up for his Kingdom.God is a good God. He created us to have sweet fellowship with him. He is so delighted when we come before His Throne of Grace.My friend, it brings God great delight when we search for him with all of our might!His heart burns with eternal intimacy for his children.Many refuse to give God their heart and they live their whole life never knowing the great big God of the universe through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.The Master is drawing hearts from around the globe. Make diligent search for God for he will meet you were you are! He never sleeps or slumbers, he is up all night waiting to hear from you!Allow the Master to come into your heart and he will abide with you, walking with you the rest of your days!Oh! What joy knowing our blessed Lord and hearing him speak to our spirit in every way.The voice of the merciful Shepherd is most glorious and unconquerable. The joy of his fellowship will always bring fulfillment to searching hearts with abundant kingdom life!

The beauty of his truth speaks to our hearts as we yield our vessels to his all consuming presence.God wants your destiny in him fulfilled before you leave this earth!All you have to do is call upon his name and receive him into your heart today. You will never be the same! See Romans 10.

My friends, just think of it like this, God has waited your whole life to have a heavenly relationship with you and he loves it when you give him all that pertains to your life!

Coldwater, Mich. — The Daily Reporter

By Sherry Caudill

Only the Lord knows the perfect plan

My friends, I know that many of you have had thousands of “fallen tears."

Throughout the years there has been thousands of fallen tears over many enduring things that have manifested in your life. The path of life is one of daily choices. Some that you have made have been wrong and some have been right, some produced great sorrow and some great joy. Everyday living brings an expression of many defining tears.Only the Lord knows the perfect plan for each of our lives and he knows all the representation of living tears! The mercy of God is always faithful to cover our lives. The fallen tears have grown into mercy drops of the Father’s love which pour out upon our flesh and melt it with His amazing holy grace! As your tears touch your face, just remember you have deeply touched the heart of God.My friends, we face much in this life and the perfect touch of comfort is in the empowering Holy Spirit! So! All the fallen tears that have touched our face and melted our hearts, we can truly say God has given us the breathless gift of priceless tears.There is a mystery in the life of tears — it is one that opens up the human heart, causing one to reach the highest power, which is that of God seated upon his merciful throne.Our lives are so short-lived upon this temporal earth and its suffering is impacting, however the Lord knows all of our grief and sorrows. God cares about all that we go through, and he wants to help us in every area of our lives. See Isaiah 53:3-5.We can plow through all of our unwanted sorrows with the blessed hope and help from above. Weeping is for the night, but joy cometh in the morning.Oh! The pain of our master is unimaginable and priceless. He understands all that we endure and he never fails to see us through all of the unwanted circumstances in our lives!Remember, your life is far more valuable then gold. Precious one, your tears are as beautiful treasures in the Kingdom of God. Oh what beauty in the fallen tears because the Lord bottles them all up for his holy glory. See Psalm 56:8.

The Coldwater Daily Reporter

By Sherry Caudill

It's Spring Time

Oh! The joyous spring time has arrived with its warm weather filling our Michigan atmosphere with great excitement! The bright sunshine stirs hearts to extra busyness, but some are behind on their spring cleaning schedule.

Many collectables are collecting new dust and closets are overflowing. Garages are in need of organization and the list goes on.

Some have years of overdue projects that will not disappear until one makes a mental decision to tackle the procrastination mess! Frustrations are mounting as some anxious minds are viewing all the unwanted clutter. Remember, don’t clutter your life with too much worldly stuff because in the end it will all be left behind. Read Mat 6:19-21

Stop, roll up your sleeves and get to work! God will bless the work of your hands. You must see a mental picture of the finished project before you get started and you will feel so much better knowing it will soon pay off! When you make a clean sweep throughout your dwelling you will be so happy and at peace. Start out with small goals and work on one at a time so you will not overload your mind. Don’t tell yourself that you do not have time to do this task at hand, you may have to get up earlier in the mornings and mentally chart a better organized day to accomplish some of these goals but you can do it and the 24-hour clock will make room for your working plans. Mental determination is powerful and greatly effective because God has given you the power to use it in a wise way! After all, it is wise to get your house in order and heaven will greatly smile down on you.

Our Heavenly Father loves to do a clean sweep in our hearts everyday through his clean and perfect word! Read Psalm 51:7. Spring forth in new life entering your new season in Jesus Christ! Allow God to throw out the old and bring forth the new things in spirit and truth! Read Ecc 3, Isa 43:18.

My friends, there will always be a perfect organized place to go in this earth which is the written Word of God. You can escape to it on a daily basis and it will reveal all truth to you keeping you clean through and through!