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   For many years, I was wretched, cold and blind

I did not know the light of my Saviors redeeming Covenant then one glorious day his saving Holy Spirit came into my heart to stay.

All darkness and deep gloom was cast away all because of the power of his sustaining love

Into The light of His Glory, I did run

Only to find the escaping place of eternal grace

His brilliant light of Salvation and truth transformed my dark heart

And made all things brand new.

Now, I live under his glorious shadow which outshines the noonday sun and He alone enlightens my heart with cloudless wisdom and perfect knowledge that no other can ever recreate.

There is never an overcast day with the King of Glory leading my way!

He makes all my days brighter and my spirit is always praising his glorious name!

All shame and guilt is gone because the Son of Righteousness always shines his radiant truth and life within my saved vessel!!

Out of darkness I have come only to stay in his light of his perfect love which forever shines eternal glory in my life!

Jesus Christ warms my heart with his love from above and keeps me shining from glory to glory as I walk in the light of his obedience.

Going forth conquering opposition and devils through the power of his resurrection Son and victorious story!

I am standing on his promises

I am wearing his armor

I am trusting in his leading

I am at peace in the midst of war!

I am happy that I am his child

I am forever thankful that He is my Lord!

I am never without him and he never lets me down!

I am not mine own and His great price paid it all!

All Glory belongs to the great, "I AM" and all knees will bow to his

Eternal command on that great day! Amen and Amen!!!